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Nutritional program

299,77 $

Nutrition is the foundation on the journey towards optimal energy. The efforts put into working out will generate little results if they are not supported by a nutritional program that is adapted to the type of physical activity performed.
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Training program

125 $

Smart training means restoring good muscle balance, correcting posture, and improving flexibility in order to reduce the risk of injury as well as maximize efforts in the training room.
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Lifestyle program

499.77 $

Includes 12 bi-weekly visits, the BioSignature and Bioimpedance evaluations, a nutritional program, the practical Asportek Guide, and unlimited correspondence with our training and nutrition experts.
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Structural evaluation

99.77 $

The Structural evaluation measures muscular balance, posture quality and the degree of flexibility of the body.
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Fat level evaluation

44.77 $

At Asportek we use the BioSignature system to evaluate your body composition.
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79.99 $ / hour

Meet with one of our coaches to find out more about Asportek's services and to develop methods that ensure your safety, maintain your motivation and maximize your results.
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Facial care

Moisturizing and nutritional treatments or wrinkle prevention, for an eternally radiant face.
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Body care

Our range of body treatments are everything you need to pamper your body and reduce the signs of aging.
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Training program with anti-cellulite kit

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