Our facilities

Semi-private training room

Workout in a small group, with a coach, in our semi-private training room.

Train under the supervision of one of our coaches, in our semi-private training room. This type of training allows for better control of your personalized program and minimizes the risk of injury while optimizing training results. This formula is targeted towards beginners, as well as those more advanced, who wish to increase their level of performance and reach new heights in their physical condition. In our semi-private training room you will discover high-quality free weights and gym equipment that is at the cutting edge of technology.


Training room

Our open training room

Our open training room includes all equipment and tools necessary for proper muscle, cardiovascular and flexibility workouts.  Air-conditioned and rigorously maintained, these facilities are available for our customers who do not require full supervision from our coaches.  Our qualified coaches remain available, as needed, to share tips and advice with you.

Vitality, aesthetic detox and pressure therapy room

Because the move towards optimum energy is not just about food and training, our body care center offers aesthetic detox and pressure therapy services.  We use Phyt’s products that are 100% natural and certified organic, which ensures that our detoxification treatments are respectful of the body.

Orthotherapy room

By rehabilitating the muscles, orthotherapy allows you to establish good posture and eliminates muscle tension and joint pain.


Supplements Shop

Visit our store and discover a complete line of supplements and sport nutrition products. In addition to our Asportek private label products, you will find other brands such as: ATP, Douglas, Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations.

You can also visit our online store